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Welcome to Gotjawal Forest Train Journey. Eco Land Theme Park is modeled after the Baldwin steam locomotive in the 1800s. This is a theme park where you can experience the Gotjawal primeval forest of 300,000 pyeong by train by Lincoln Train, which was made by hand in England.

Eco Land Theme Park is located in Gyorae Gotjawallo as well as groundwater cultivation. It is a mysterious forest where northern and southern limit plants coexist due to its high warming and moisturizing effects. You can feel the greatness of the forest made into a paradise for animals and plants by covering the rocks with the power of fierce and fierce life on the rocks of lava and blocking the sky.

While enjoying the 4.5km train journey, you can experience insects, animals, andvarious plants that inhabit the mysterious forest Gotjawal. It is a space where we can learn the infinite benefits that nature gives us. Our Eco Land theme park does not violate the providence of nature and cherishes every single leaf of grass. We want to become a bridge that connects humans and nature as one. In the volcanic land of stones and rocks, the roots are long down to the crevices of the rocks, I learned the greatness of nature by looking at the tree that stretches its branches to the sky and continues its strong vitality. We are well aware that we still lack the ability to express our greatness.

However, our Eco Land theme park will not stop running towards the proposition of coexistence of nature and humans. Thank you.

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