Gotjawal Story

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Gotjawal Story

An ancient forest created by the nature of Jeju Island

Gotjawal is a dialect of Jeju Island.

When a volcano erupts, viscous lava is split into large and small rock masses
to create uneven terrain. The unique forest of Jeju Island is called Gotjawal.


Generation process of Gotjawal

We will guide you through the formation process of Gotjawal, where forests, rocks, and thickets are intertwined.

  • creation process 01
    Jeju Island Volcanic Activity and
    Eruption Start

  • creation process 02
    Slow flowing lava flows from
    the middle mountain oreum in Jeju

  • creation process 03
    As the viscous lava cools,
    it splits into large and small rocks

  • creation process 04
    Over time,
    forests form on rocks

  • creation process 05
    Water seeps through cracks
    in the rocks to form groundwater.

  • creation process 06
    moisture from the ground
    forms the ecology of Gotjawal


Features of Gotjawal

We will guide you through the features of Gotjawal, a unique natural environment unique to Jeju Island.

  • barren land of rocks

    The Gotjawal area is composed of large and small rock masses, and it is very barren for plants to survive.
    If you look at the trees of Gotjawal, you can see that the roots of the trees are exposed and stretched out on rocks or crevices in search of food and nutrients.

  • The symbiosis of Gotjawal tree and moss

    In Gotjawal, moss replaces the barren soil and supplies nutrients to the tree roots.
    Trees that are nourished by moss provide shade with their large leaves.
    Shade prevents evaporation of water and maintains adequate sunlight for moss growth.

  • Diverse ecosystem

    The uneven terrain of protrusions and depressions has a large difference in temperature and humidity even within the same space.
    Plants sensitive to temperature and humidity grow various vegetation accordingly,
    and it shows a unique landscape in which plants with completely different characteristics grow in a short distance.

  • fern development

    The interior of Gotjawal, where the sun does not get much sunlight even in midsummer, is the best habitat for the development of ferns.
    Ferns in Gotjawal coexist with various vegetation from southern limit plants to northern limit plants.

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