Picnic Garden Station

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Picnic Garden Station


Picnic Garden

Third Station

It is a place where you can enjoy a picnic on the wide open golden grass. At this station, there are 'Kids Town' where children play, 'Glass House', a fairy house in fairy tales, and 'Eco Road' through Gotjawal Forest that can only be experienced at Eco Land. If you want to participate in the forest commentary and Gotjawal Healing Program, please accompany the forest commentator at Picnic Garden Station.

  • Facilities

    Nursing room (2nd floor), snack bar (hot dogs, snacks, drinks, etc.), picnic cafe (tortilla pizza, red bean shaved ice, ice tea, coffee), restroom

Gotjawal Forest Healing

Knowledge about the birth process of Gotjawal, vegetation, animals, and other forests. It is a program that is fun to learn.

small library in the woods

Full of books and toys for children It's a rest area.

Eco hammock cafe

Drink eco-cafe drinks and read books to relax your body and mind. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Gotjawal Commons Foundation.

Volcanic Cluster Experience Center

Stepping barefoot on the mysterious substance volcanic cluster Feel the health of Jeju's nature.

Eco Therapy

Cypress tree + volcanic cluster + subterranean bedrock water It is a resting place of Eco Road for healing.

British Minimal Pony

Echo Road's cuties Annie and Connie This is a cute mini horse with attractive short legs.

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