Train story

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Train story

The beginning of the American steam locomotive

Baldwin Locomotive

In 1831, Matthias W Baldwin produced and exhibited a miniature steam locomotive at the request of the Philadelphia Museum in the United States, which became very popular.
That year, he was commissioned by a railroad company to build a short railroad in the suburbs of Philadelphia. start operation. This was the beginning of the American steam locomotive, and then the Baldwin steam locomotive model became a commercial success, representing and serving as a model for American steam locomotives, and also the beginning of the early diesel locomotives.

The beginning of the Ecoland 4-2-2 locomotive

Baldwin 4-4-0

The Baldwin 4-4-0 was manufactured in 1872 and was widely used as a transcontinental train in North America as a train loved by Americans enough to be called American.
Ecoland steam locomotive is based on Baldwin 4-4-0 It is a slightly modified form of a 4-2-2 steam locomotive recreated as The standard for classifying steam locomotives varies depending on the number of wheels. 4-2-2 means 4 front wheels, 2 middle wheels, and 2 rear wheels, which is the standard for indicating the name of a steam locomotive.

Eco Land Steam Locomotive 4-4-2 Blueprint

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